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Discussion about the ROI of MBT

Since 2008 I’m a member of the SIG TAV wholesale nba jerseys of the Gesellschaft für Informatik (German Computer Science Association). c?n The TAV stands for Testing, Analysis and Verification. Within the SIG there are several (small) working groups dealing tín with cheap mlb jerseys test management, test tools, test education, test of cheap nfl jerseys embedded systems and TOOP/MBT. The last one stands for testing of object-oriented systems / model-based testing.

In the last years we were discussing several very interesting topics around MBT in the TOOP/MBT working group. The main goals are: to better understand what exactly is model-based testing, what are the requirements to use it, how to use it and how is it adopted in the industry. We had several talks from research institutes (like Fraunhofer, TU Darmstadt, s-lab, wholesale jerseys etc.) and industry companies (, Siemens, Sogeti or Conformiq). In our first article called “StarterKit for MBT” we provided an introduction Как to and decision support for MBT. But this article should support testers to give an abstract “yes” or “no” for MBT…

In my opinion to enable the usage of MBT in a project more detailed investigation of the Return on Invest is needed! This is the topic of our recent discussions in the TOOP/MBT working group. We had two great talks from Siemens CT and Conformiq about the analysis of ROI in those world! customer projects. Both talks gave us several ideas and discussion points. Since the discussion will be continued in the next months, I encourage you to join us! Our GI next meeting will take place in February in Paderborn during the 31. TAV workshop. Come and join Objektspektrum us!

Disclaimer: The URLs provided wholesale nfl jerseys in this post are only German. This shouldn’t discourage you to participate in our meetings. We also speak and discuss in English as well ?

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