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Model-Based Testing needed to comply with Safety-Relevant Standards!

It is well-known that model-based testing helps to comply to safety-relevant standards because it strongly supports code coverage measurement and traceability from tests to requirements, which are required by almost all safety-relevant standards.

Additionaly, model-based testing is (highly) recommended by the IEC 61508 for the development of safety-relevant systems!!
As a consequence, the whole discussion about the possible advantages and costs of MBT are replaced by the necessity to apply this technique in order to comply with safety-relevant standards.

I wonder how long it will take until derived, domain-specific, safety-relevant standards like the ISO 26262 will be adapted and recommend MBT as well. Furthermore, I think that your boss is not going to ask you any more why you want to apply model-based testing, but why the heck you didn’t apply model-based testing, yet!

See my presentation at the MBTUC about this topic here.


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