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A View Back at the MBTUC

In October this year, the 1st Model-Based Testing User Conference took place in Berlin. This event was initiated by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and it is the first international MBT event, which is solely focused on the application of MBT in the industry.

Since there are many academic conferences and workshops about MBT and the commercial interest in MBT is high, the expectations were high, too. All in all five sponsors supported the conference. 44 submissions often containing industrial reports or practice-relevant information were submitted. The accepted 4 keynotes, 6 tutorials, and 23 presentations provided a strong practical contribution to the field of MBT. For example companies as Microsoft, Ericsson or Deutsche Telekom presented plenty of their MBT case studies. All material can be downloaded from here. For most of them, the pdf or pps (Microsoft Powerpoint) files are available.

While the tutorials mostly covered introductions to MBT from various points of view, the regular presentations went deeper into detail. They covered several topics as enterprise and cloud (testing as a service). Since every device seems to have embedded software also this domain has been focused. Strongly discussed was the topic of standardization. Did you know that MBT is highly recommended in ISO 61508? Finally, the adoption and deployment (like experiences at Ericsson and Microsoft) were hold as a separate session. The three final sessions covered the topics communication and multimedia, tools and techniques, and system and integration testing. There were many interesting talks from all kinds of domains. The four outstanding keynotes made the program perfect!

During the MBT UC a best presentation award was conducted. The price went to Shirley Tan for her presentation “Using MBT to test Microsoft Lync Client conversation feature”. Congratulations again!

Looking back, the conference had many interesting talks, brought the worldwide MBT community together, and can thus be considered a success. The final conclusion, which can be derived from this event is that MBT is already adopted in several companies and on it’s way to industrial practice. We are curios about the second edition of the MBTUC.

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  • Author comment by hkwon · November 15, 2011 at 8:04 am

    Thank you for sharing this. I didn’t know that MBTUC took place recently. I’d like to attend the conference next time.


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