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Interested in the ICST?

In April next year, the biggest academic test conference ICST is going to take place in Montreal. We recommend you to participate in this great conference providing a lot of interesting workshops.

The conference itself adresses software testing and validation techniques in general. Additionally, there are also several workshops that are of interest for the model-based testing community.

For instance, the workshop A-MOST is focused on advances in MBT in general.

The workshop VAST is focused on management of multi-variant systems. In combination with feature models or other variability models, MBT is a promising approach to deal with validation of multi-variant systems e.g. Software Product Lines.

The workshop VOLT is focused on validation and verification of model transformations. Since MDE and MBT also contains a big portion of managing and transforming models, we consider this workshop also very important for MBT.

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