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Model-based testing at German Testing Day 2011

Almost 300 participants attended the first German Testing Day organized by SwissQ Consulting AG on 9th November 2011 in Frankfurt. The one-day program included keynotes from Microsoft and IBM, technical presentations and lightening talks. Below we report on some highlights of GTD and on MBT-related content.

  • Alan Page from Microsoft held the first keynote of GTD. He talked about ” Test Innovation at Microsoft”.
    Some innovative solutions applied by Microsoft for handling testing challenges are prioritizing and identifying redundant test cases, auto failure analysis, change analysis and risk estimation, code coverage optimizations and virtualization. For protocol testing purposes, Microsoft applies model-based testing which improved the efficiency by 33-45 % . Interesting citation from the talk was “the innovation comes from lazy men looking for easier ways to do things”.
  • The only talk that was dedicated to MBT was “Integration of MBT into Scrum” by Thomas Roßner (imbus) and Baris Güldali. We have presented an approach proposing solutions to the challenges  in an agile development process. Thereby we use light-weight UML models and an end-to-end tool support for test automation. In our approach we use tedeso (Siemens) for the automated test design which is then complemented by the automated test execution using Selenium and by test management using testBench.
  • The second keynote by Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck (IBM Deutschland) with title “The life after cloud (in german: Das Leben nach Cloud Computing)” was very inspiring. He showed by examples how our private life and professional life will change in times of internet. In his opinion, we should become more professional and should undertake more challenging jobs in order to remain competitive with the rest of world. I believe that the model-based testing is the next generation of testing technique which can help us testers to keep competitive. What do you think?
  • It was very interesting to see how Holger Nils Pohl has visualized the talks by drawing the story of running talk on a white board simultaneously. See some examples here.

Here you will find another event report in german.


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