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MISTA: A flexible MBT tool and it is free!

MISTA: Model-based Integration and System Test Automation (a.k.a. ISTA)

Quick introduction: MISTA is a tool for generating executable test code from a model-implementation description (MID), which consists of a test model, model-implementation mapping (MIM), and helper code.
(1) It uses lightweight high-level petri nets as an expressive, visual modeling notation. Both control and data flows can be specified. It also supports UML protocol state machines and contracts.
(2) It supports various coverage criteria for test generation from test models.
(3) It supports a number of languages (Java, C, C++, C#, HTML, and VB) and test frameworks (e.g., JUnit, NUnit, Selenium IDE, and Robot Framework).
(4) It supports online execution of generated tests and on-the-fly testing through Selenium web driver or  a RPC protocol (JSON-RPC or XML-RPC).

MISTA can be used for function testing, acceptance testing, GUI testing, security testing, and programmer testing.

More YouTube videos are coming (visit weblink above).


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