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Model-Based Testing for Embedded Systems …

… is the title of the recently published book by Justyna Zander, Ina Schiederdecker, and Pieter J. Mosterman. This book provides an overview of the state-of-the-art in model-based testing for embedded systems. Consisting of 22 contributions divided into 6 parts the book covers the following MBT domains:

  • key concepts for MBT
  • test generation, e.g., automatic test generation algorithms or statistical testing
  • integration and multilevel testing, e.g., with communication sequence graphs
  • tackling selected challenges, e.g., product lines, hybrid or nondeterministic systems
  • testing in industry, e.g., in telecommunication or automotive domain
  • test for lower levels of development, e.g., components and code

From our points of view this book offers a wide variety of very interesting topics related to MBT for embedded systems and should not be missing in any bookshelf of  an MBT-community member. More than 50 MBT experts from all over the world contributed to the book and shared parts of their knowledge and expertise to make this book so interesting and helpful for readers on any level of MBT expertise.

Two members of our MBT community (Stephan and me) have contributed two articles to this book as well: “Automatic Model-Based Test Generation from UML State Machines” and “A Survey of Model-Based Software Product Lines Testing”.

The book can be found and ordered here:

We hope that you have fun reading it.



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  • Mark Texx · April 7, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    I haven’t read this book yet but I have read some of these collection type books and they come across as a loose collection of papers like you may see presented at a conference. I am interested in MBT for Embedded but probably not going to spend the $145 because I prefer something of the more practical nature. I have read “Practical Model-Based Testing: A Tools Approach” and that gave a nice overview of MBT. Maybe MBT Embedded is too diverse of a subject area.


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