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Upcoming Event: Talk on Model-Based Testing for Cyber-Physical Systems

Invited Talk on Model-Based Testing for Cyber-Physical Systems – Exploration of Theory and Practice at Model-Driven Development Day, May 9th, 2012 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Model-Based Testing for Cyber-Physical Systems

– Dr. Justyna Zander –,

SimulatedWay and Harvard University

March 1st, 2012


The ever growing pervasion of software-intensive systems into physical, technical, business, and social areas not only consistently increases the number of requirements on system functionality and features, but also puts forward ever stricter demands on system quality, reliability, safety, and usability. For example, cyber-physical systems (CPS), frequently characterized as smart systems include digital cyber technologies, software, and physical components and are intelligently interacting with other systems across information and physical interfaces. They are expressing an emerging behavior and so, create even more live functionalities during the deployment. CPS are sensing the external world and they immediately react on the state of the surrounding. Thus, in order to successfully develop such complex systems and to remain competitive on top of that, early and continuous consideration and assurance of system quality is becoming of vital importance.


To achieve effective quality assurance, Model-Based Testing (MBT) has become an essential ingredient. MBT covers a broad spectrum of concepts, including, for example, automatic test generation, test execution, automated test evaluation, test control, and effective test management. It results in tests that can be utilized in the early design stages and that contribute to highest test coverage, thus providing great value by reducing cost and risk. These observations are a testimony to both the effectiveness and the efficiency of testing that can be derived from model-based approaches with opportunities for better integration of system and test development.


MBT activities comprise different methods that are best applied complementing one another in order to scale with respect to the size and conceptual complexity of today’s systems. This talk presents Model-Based Testing from a number of different perspectives that combine various aspects of CPS, embedded systems, embedded software, their models, and their quality assurance. As system integration has become critical to dealing with the complexity of modern systems and, indeed, systems of systems, with software as the universal integration glue, MBT has come to present a persuasive value proposition in system development.


Related to the book:

Justyna Zander, Ina Schieferdecker, Pieter J. Mosterman,

Model-Based Testing for Embedded Systems”,

CRC Press/Taylor & FrancisAmazon, September 2011,

ISBN: 9781439818459, ISBN-10: 1439818452.

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