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Call for Models: Support the Model Treasure Trove for MBT!

Hi all,

we are currently collecting models from different domains and different sources to share them with the community… and we need YOU to provide models with industrial background, too!
The models will be made available here on our website. As you can see, we already collected some models and we will keep doing so.
As you can see, we are not just focused on UML, but on models of every language that can be used to generate tests from …

The idea is to create a treasure trove of models for model-based testing and to share it. One benefit is that PhD students don’t need to start with the coffee automaton, but can get an impression of real models and real problems. In our opinion, this can lead to improved results of academic science, which eventually lead to better solutions in industry…

We ask you to donate models. Help us improving the results of science in MBT by providing real models!



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