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Measuring MBT’s ROI

For managers and engineers alike, quantifying the efficiency of MBT is very helpful when

  • adopting MBT for the first time;
  • estimating the required time for MBT tasks;
  • comparing different approaches and tools for MBT.

Hence the working group TOOP/MBT of the GI(-TAV) did some research on this, published as cover story in the German journal OBJEKTspektrum (Heft 4, Juni 2013, S. 32-39), with the title “Wirtschaftlichkeitsberechnung für MBT: Wann sich modellbasiertes Testen lohnt (Economics calculation: when is model-based testing profitable)”. It is a tutorial that helps you estimate the return on investment of MBT. For this, it introduces MBT scenarios, a list of possible costs and a list of possible benefits. The article concludes with an exemplary ROI estimation.

During our research of this article and the German article “Modellbasiertes Testen: Hype oder Realität?” (OBJEKTspektrum, Heft 6, Oktober 2011, S. 59-65), we found out that most published case studies on MBT do not contain sufficient details to compute a meaningful ROI. Therefore, we want to collect and share case studies together with sufficient cost & benefit measurements to compute their ROI.

Thus we hope this blog post and our articles inspire you to contribute your own case study with sufficient details for a ROI analysis: just send us an email, or write us a comment where the data can be found, or contribute cost & benefit data together with your models at our models collection. The more data everyone contributes, the better our collections become! Imagine being able to easily pick the most suitable MBT tool for a specific problem or domain and even back up your decision with hard data from already conducted MBT projects, or to permanently track your progress and trend by comparing your measurements with contributed measurements from similar projects.

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  • Valerie · August 9, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    do you have the results of your research in english?


  • Author comment by David Farago · August 9, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    Hello Valérie,

    good question. We also thought about submitting it somewhere in English, though we have to find the time and check copyright issues first.

    Furthermore, we have collected some further recent articles related to ROI of MBT and plan on publishing a blog post enumerating them soon. Strangely, most of them are in German, too, but there are also some in English, which might be of interest to you.

    Do you know some related English (or French) articles?


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