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Build Your Own Test Generator – Join the ParTeG-Team

Hi folks,

this is the ultimate chance to join a team of enthusiastic testers! Help making this world a better place! Help create an open source test generator (under the Eclipse Public License). This isn’t as hard as it may sound!

The tool is called PARtition TEst Generator (ParTeG) and handles UML state machines, UML class diagrams and their OCL expressions. The OCL expressions are evaluated to find input parameter partitions. The boundaries of these partitions are used to generate test cases.

I developed the tool during my PhD thesis, and of course it was the best piece of software ever written … unless you happen to know about some basic quality assurance rules, like building test cases for the test generator itself. 😉 We managed to get the prototype running and also generated tests for some industrial projects. The only problem was that there was almost no development activity and the tool grew older and older compared to other tools in the market. But we already have a good basis to run experiments, try out new concepts, or simply find new topics for a Master/PhD thesis.

Recently, I received good feed-back from people that are willing to enhance the test generator. They are willing to use the existing code as a basis for their test generation implementation, which will use activity diagrams instead of state machines and forward search instead of backward search. But there are lots of further tasks, like

  • building connectors to modeling tools,
  • improve the generated output,
  • improve the test generation (we tried already model checkers and constraint solvers, but didn’t implement it yet).

So come and join our TEAM. I want YOU for ParTeG!


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  • Scott Anderson · August 22, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    Sounds really interesting. I’m in! I am most interested in building out data table test generation for use in insurance companies. I want to focus on making it as easy to use as possible to help more people get started with model based testing. What is the best way to contact you?


  • Bela - Tamas Jozsa · January 5, 2014 at 8:51 am


    I’m also interested. For an Msc Thesis it would be nice.
    Let me know how can I contact you!


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