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Flashback: History of the MBT Community

It all began with the enthusiasm of a small group of researchers in the field of software testing. They all had a passion for quality and background in software engineering. In several research articles they read about automatically generating tests from models. Amazed by this idea, all started to put their research efforts in model-based testing.

Since several of them have worked in industry, they realized the demand and interest in this topic also outside the research community. Back in 2010, some of them started a small blog with the idea of founding a community for this fascinating topic. Another one also reserved a domain called for the same purpose. Since the community is not so big, they all joined forces and started the MBT community at!

Dear community members and interested ones. We are now almost three years old. We may not be the number one community on the internet or even within software testing, but we still grow and produce and discuss content. Up to this day, we have been writing about:

By doing this, we always have in mind that the community is a non-profit organization driven by its community members.

Some stats about the community so far:

  • 43 users from different countries around the world
  • Around 3000 hits and 600 visitors per day (bots incl.)
  • 2nd hit at google when typing “model-based testing”
  • 51 published blog posts

Now, this all wouldn’t be possible if there were no managers, engineers and researchers interested in this topic. For those who actively participate in the community and those who simply read the blogposts: Thank you for your support!

The last weeks, we have been internally discussing the aspects of our community: Mission, Vision and Values. Since the beginning, we have sketched those aspects within the¬†About page. But now it’s time to rethink them based on the experience the last three years gave us.
What do you think? Should the community change itself? Should we do more and other things?

Your MBT Community Team:
Michael, Baris, Stephan, David, Lars, Sebastian and Arne

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