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Articles about ROI of MBT

Dear all,

Industry is adopting MBT … or is at least thinking about it. Thus, the return on investment (ROI) needs to be estimated, as described in a previous post.

This post summarizes some of the articles about the benefits and costs of MBT that have been published recently. Interestingly, we found only little recent literature about this, and many of them in German:

Please tell us if you know about any further recently published related article.

We wonder why there is so much literature on the ROI of test automation in general, but so little on the ROI of MBT, even though you hear more and more about industrial projects with MBT and news from MBT tool vendors. Do you know why? Maybe large companies that apply MBT do not report about it? But Siemens (Helmut Goetz) did so back in 2011. Maybe MBT tool vendors do not have recent ROI calculations? But ROI articles were published in 2010 for Conformiq’s Tool Suite and Microsoft’s Spec Explorer.

Aren’t we all curious to hear and read more about such articles? So we extend our call for contributions of models and ROI measurements to full articles about ROI. Please participate!

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  • Bob Binder · October 21, 2013 at 11:19 am

    My survey of MBT Users provides cost/benefit data.
    This post summarizes the report and provides a link to the full report (free.)

    I have also published and released a test automation ROI calculator (Excel workbook) as open source

    Doing a credible ROI analysis is a lot of work. However, in most cases, it is not the determining factor in MBT adoption, either pre or post implementation. The special combination of effective management support, technical leadership, and adept navigation of human behavior in reaction to a significant change in technical work habits are all necessary.

    Bob Binder


  • Author comment by David Farago · October 21, 2013 at 11:45 am

    Thanks for your comment, Bob.

    Yes, your suvery, though not a concrete article about ROI, is highly relevant.

    For those not yet familiar with the survey, it contains the following items about ROI of MBT:
    * page 15 reports on expected benefits of and reasons for MBT
    * page 17 reports on the cost in MBT skill development
    * the section “Time, Cost, Quality, and Effectiveness” gives a great overview on the ROI of MBT
    * the section “Future Use” lists the biggest limitations and biggest advantages of MBT.



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