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Survey about Testing During Software Maintenance

The Verification&Testing group at the University of Sheffield is conducting a short survey to learn about common practices of software testing during software maintenance. This survey is part of ongoing research on software test automation, and with your input they hope to make software testing more fun, and ultimately produce better software.

Please, follow this link and answer the survey – it will only take five minutes. The question catalogue helps you reflect on your development process and testing behaviour; the survey result will help you relate them to what others are doing. Furthermore, all respondents will have the chance to enter a prize draw for one of five GBP20 Amazon vouchers.

Note: All responses are anonymous and all data is treated in the strictest confidence. You only need to give your email address if you want to win a prize.

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  • Harry - · March 18, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    Performing a test of a software process certainly has its own parameters. There is a process that must be completed very much. The company which will buy the software usually has its own requirements. Software which designed and conducted well will provide a satisfactory test results.


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