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Product Line Testing in AK TOOP/MBT

Hi folks,

the German working group for the testing of object-oriented programs / model-based testing (AK TOOP/MBT) had a meeting in November, during which we had two very interesting talks given by Danilo Beuche from pure-systems and Georgi Markov from Siemens (see the protocol in German for details).
Both talks were about testing of product lines: Georgi presented first results of model-based product line testing, Danilo gave an overview of important challenges for testing product lines.

We identified several challenges, such as dealing with changes, re-using test cases and test results after changes, etc.

Our group’s plan is to deal with all challenges separately, identifying for each challenge if there are already solutions that are product line-unspecific. We start with the mentioned challenge of dealing with changes and re-using test cases and test results after changes. Several companies face this challenge independend of any product line aspects.

We invite you to also take part in this discussion and hope to have first insights in a few months.


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