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Hi folks,

This is the first online MBT Community! Now what is MBT and why is there a community for MBT? Good question!

MBT stands for Model-Based Testing. Model-Based … ? Yes. This is testing based on models. So, models are used to describe the essential aspects of complex systems and to derive tests from. There are many known advantages of this technique such as objective quality measurement, formalization and early validation of requirements, automatic test generation, and many many more.

We believe that MBT is one of the most important quality assurance techniques! And we believe that MBT is here to stay!

Now, this leads us to the community part. What are we doing here and why do we call it “community”? Well – we try to come up with a platform that enables all that interested in MBT to find, share, and discuss all aspects of and experiences with MBT. We want to create a place for the worldwide MBT community. And we want you to participate! No matter if you are new to MBT or already a MBT veteran 🙂


The model-based testing community is about…

Model-based testing rocks and we want people to know it! The first step is to introduce the basics of MBT in a way which is understandable also for non-scientists. By using simple definitions and practical examples the benefits of this great technique are someway obvious. We also want to point out what prerequisites and investments are needed to apply MBT in projects.

Besides our short introduction we provide recent references to several articles, books, papers and slides for further reading. This way anybody can learn the basics and if interested go deeper into the details of model-based testing.

MBT researchers and practitioners all over the world make great things with model-based testing. Why not share good news, interesting results, identified problems or simply experiences no matter how advanced they are? The community is the place to share this kind of information.

There are plenty of model-based testing topics which wait to be discussed. We want to create a place where people can freely ask questions related to this fascinating technique.

Staying tuned
The world of model-based testing changed a lot in the past years. There are many already established and new events related to it. We want to automatically provide news about those events and enable users to announce events which we’ve missed to mention.

Finding experts
Not all of us have deep knowledge about model-based testing. Often we search for people known as experts in certain topics which can help us. We want to help you by finding the experts on the field of model-based testing.

MBT rocks only with a good tool support. The community aims to provide a playground for model-based testing tools. The best way to choose a tool isto play with it!

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  • Michael · July 31, 2014 at 2:48 pm

    We love the spirit of this community and want to share.

    We have been enjoying the amazing utility of MBT. One of our biggest use cases is ARIS to VISIO and back. (check out what our engineers are saying

    You can see how useful this functionality can be and with MBT as a backbone we are rockin’ it.


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