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The last couple of months, we have done a lot of research about test effort estimation and test exit criteria. We know from our industrial experience how important a good test effort estimation is for planning resources, schedules and risks. Unfortunately the effort is often estimated by rule of thumb. Budget and time overruns are […]

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Become a Certified Model-Based Tester!

Hi all, today, the first pilot training on the Certified Model-Based Tester (CMBT) was finished at iSQI in Potsdam, Germany. Fundamental knowledge about models, modeling taxonomies, test generation, process integration, and much more was covered. Though this was the very first prototype of the training, the quality of slides, presentations, and discussions was already very […]

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Model Based Testing nicely deals with modern development methodologies. But also in traditional development projects, this way of testing has many advantages over other testing methods. However, this is highly dependent on the way we organize our MBT testing process and what role is played by the tester. Should the tester blindly assume an already […]

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Hi all, although we are convinced that model-based testing is the state of the art in test automation with great opportunities for quality improvement or test effort reduction, it is often hard to convince people to invest in this technology. Even teams that are convinced that this technology works find it hard to convince other […]

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Interview with Harry Robinson

Interview by Michael Mlynarski at 1st ETSI MBT User Conference, Berlin, October 2011   Harry Robinson is a Principal Software Design Engineer in Test (SDET) for Microsoft’s Bing team, with over twenty years of software development and testing experience at AT&T Bell Labs, HP, Microsoft, and Google, as well as time spent in the startup […]

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Hi all, we are currently collecting models from different domains and different sources to share them with the community… and we need YOU to provide models with industrial background, too! The models will be made available here on our website. As you can see, we already collected some models and we will keep doing so. […]

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… is the title of the recently published book by Justyna Zander, Ina Schiederdecker, and Pieter J. Mosterman. This book provides an overview of the state-of-the-art in model-based testing for embedded systems. Consisting of 22 contributions divided into 6 parts the book covers the following MBT domains: key concepts for MBT test generation, e.g., automatic […]




2011 MBT User Survey

I’ve released the final report for the survey I conducted of model-based testing users. Thanks much to the MBTUC I conference organizers for supporting this and to all who responded.  If you have questions or comments, please post it here (comment function) and I’ll reply. Bob Binder  

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Dear MBT Community, some weeks or even months ago we had a great idea: Let us organize a Community Tool Survey. We are confident that this could become a great event. But we need your help! We all know such events from other domains like constraint solving or model checking. Doing something similar in the […]

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There are 37 responses to the survey so far and some interesting patterns are emerging. I plan to keep it open until Nov 30, so if you haven’t already taken the survey, please do so. Thanks Bob Binder

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