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The workshop on Joining AcadeMiA and Industry Contributions to Test Automation and Model-based Testing (JAMAICA) intends to foster the discussion on the current practices for automating and model-based testing activities among academia and industry (such as automotive, avionics, and factory automation). This should show the community what impact these activities may have on the overall […]

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Your Opinion about MBT

Dear all, Model-based testing is good for …. wait. We had this several times before. What is model-based testing about? Isn’t it just the combination of several techniques that have proven their efficiency already? In my opinion, we know already that modeling brings advantages because abstraction brings understanding, reusability, and a potential for automation. We […]

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TAV35 is the annual workshop on software testing organized by the group “Test, Analysis and Verification (TAV)” of the German Informatics Society (Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI)). The programme contains many talks related to MBT, from both industry and academia: Automatisierte Erzeugung und Ausführung von Szenarien für den Test eines kamerabasierten Fahrerassistenzsystems, by Jörg Reiner […]

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Articles about ROI of MBT

Dear all, Industry is adopting MBT … or is at least thinking about it. Thus, the return on investment (ROI) needs to be estimated, as described in a previous post. This post summarizes some of the articles about the benefits and costs of MBT that have been published recently. Interestingly, we found only little recent […]

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The Behavior Driven Development approach provides a template for “specification” using certain keywords. Specification: Stack When a new stack is created Then it is empty When an element is added to the stack Then that element is at the top of the stack When a stack has N elements And element E is on […]

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Flashback: History of the MBT Community

It all began with the enthusiasm of a small group of researchers in the field of software testing. They all had a passion for quality and background in software engineering. In several research articles they read about automatically generating tests from models. Amazed by this idea, all started to put their research efforts in model-based […]

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Domain-Specific MBT

Hi folks, we are all aware of the basic idea of MBT: there is some kind of formal specification of the system or the environment and this specification is used by a program to automatically compute a set of test cases. There are several influencing factors and different approaches to the test generation technique like, […]

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MBT for Product Lines

Hi folks, in MBT, models are the major source for test case generation. In the basic scenario, there is one model that describes a part of the environment or a part of the system behavior. Based on such a description, paths or sequences in the model are identified, which can be transformed into (executable) test […]

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MBT needs Requirements

Hi all, we are (again) thinking about the essence of model-based testing. One of the major aspects is the quality gain that can be reached by using MBT. This gain strongly depends on the quality of the test cases. And since the test cases are generated automatically and there are few ways to insert the […]

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Spec Explorer’s future

Spec Explorer 2010 is one of the most successful model-based testing tools. Unfortunately, there is only a Spec Explorer extension to Visual Studio (VS) 2010. Many questions of whether and when Spec Explorer will be available for VS 2012 have been asked in the original Spec Explorer forum. The answers varied, and the forum has […]

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