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Model Based Testing nicely deals with modern development methodologies. But also in traditional development projects, this way of testing has many advantages over other testing methods. However, this is highly dependent on the way we organize our MBT testing process and what role is played by the tester. Should the tester blindly assume an already […]

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Hi all, although we are convinced that model-based testing is the state of the art in test automation with great opportunities for quality improvement or test effort reduction, it is often hard to convince people to invest in this technology. Even teams that are convinced that this technology works find it hard to convince other […]

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Dear MBT Community, some weeks or even months ago we had a great idea: Let us organize a Community Tool Survey. We are confident that this could become a great event. But we need your help! We all know such events from other domains like constraint solving or model checking. Doing something similar in the […]

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Feature models are frequently used to present  the commonalities and variabilities within variant rich systems such as Software Product Lines (SPLs). Feature Models are initially created during the requirements analysis where each feature ‘represents a system property that is relevant to some stakeholder’ [1]. Utilizing a hierarchical structure, different notations and cross tree dependencies feature […]

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