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Articles about ROI of MBT

Dear all, Industry is adopting MBT … or is at least thinking about it. Thus, the return on investment (ROI) needs to be estimated, as described in a previous post. This post summarizes some of the articles about the benefits and costs of MBT that have been published recently. Interestingly, we found only little recent […]

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Measuring MBT’s ROI

For managers and engineers alike, quantifying the efficiency of MBT is very helpful when adopting MBT for the first time; estimating the required time for MBT tasks; comparing different approaches and tools for MBT. Hence the working group TOOP/MBT of the GI(-TAV) did some research on this, published as cover story in the German journal OBJEKTspektrum […]

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The last couple of months, we have done a lot of research about test effort estimation and test exit criteria. We know from our industrial experience how important a good test effort estimation is for planning resources, schedules and risks. Unfortunately the effort is often estimated by rule of thumb. Budget and time overruns are […]

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Hi all, although we are convinced that model-based testing is the state of the art in test automation with great opportunities for quality improvement or test effort reduction, it is often hard to convince people to invest in this technology. Even teams that are convinced that this technology works find it hard to convince other […]

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