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If you have evaluated, used, or are using any model-based testing approach, please take a few minutes to respond to the 2014 Model-based Testing User Survey. The 2014 survey is a collaboration of Dr. Anne Kramer (, Bruno Legeard (Smartesting), and Robert Binder (System Verification Associates). It is a follow up to the 2012 MBT […]

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Parallelization to speed up MBT

In contrast to classical manual testing, MBT proposes generating test cases automatically from formal models. But the number of generated test cases can become huge, especially if the specification is large, the test case generation algorithm too simple (e.g. based mainly on randomization), or some coverage criterion needs to be achieved. Consequently, MBT needs to […]

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Measuring MBT’s ROI

For managers and engineers alike, quantifying the efficiency of MBT is very helpful when adopting MBT for the first time; estimating the required time for MBT tasks; comparing different approaches and tools for MBT. Hence the working group TOOP/MBT of the GI(-TAV) did some research on this, published as cover story in the German journal OBJEKTspektrum […]

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Book review: Experiences of Test Automation

Published in 1999, the book “Software Test Automation: Effective Use of Test Execution Tools” by Dorothy Graham and Mark Fewster probably still is one of the must-reads for anyone interested in test automation. Last year, a follow up was published by the same authors: “Experiences of Test Automation: Case Studies of Software Test Automation”, reviewed […]

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Model Based Testing nicely deals with modern development methodologies. But also in traditional development projects, this way of testing has many advantages over other testing methods. However, this is highly dependent on the way we organize our MBT testing process and what role is played by the tester. Should the tester blindly assume an already […]

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Hi all, although we are convinced that model-based testing is the state of the art in test automation with great opportunities for quality improvement or test effort reduction, it is often hard to convince people to invest in this technology. Even teams that are convinced that this technology works find it hard to convince other […]

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Hi all, we are currently collecting models from different domains and different sources to share them with the community… and we need YOU to provide models with industrial background, too! The models will be made available here on our website. As you can see, we already collected some models and we will keep doing so. […]

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Dear MBT Community, some weeks or even months ago we had a great idea: Let us organize a Community Tool Survey. We are confident that this could become a great event. But we need your help! We all know such events from other domains like constraint solving or model checking. Doing something similar in the […]

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I have a sense that the just completed MBT User Conference in Berlin will be a historic milestone.  Please take a few minutes to respond to this survey so we’ll have a datapoint to go with it. Thanks in advance, Bob Binder




ISO 26262 and MBT

Actually, we have planned to provide a blog post considering the role of MBT in the ISO 26262 standard (standard for functional safety in the automotive domain). In the first baselines (2008) of ISO 26262  MBT  was highly recommended (++) for functional software unit testing (Table 16 in Part 6). Unfortunately,  this recommendation was removed […]

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