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It is well-known that model-based testing helps to comply to safety-relevant standards because it strongly supports code coverage measurement and traceability from tests to requirements, which are required by almost all safety-relevant standards. Additionaly, model-based testing is (highly) recommended by the IEC 61508 for the development of safety-relevant systems!! As a consequence, the whole discussion […]




Model-based Testing for Software Product Lines

Software Product Line Engineering provides one of the most promising approaches to improve reusability of software, which is used in a large number of similar software products. Due to the variability within a Software Product Line, testing Software Product Lines is very challenging in comparison to single system testing. Several model-based testing approaches for Software […]




Literature starter kit for MBT!

For those who already read tons of books, papers and articles on MBT this post may not be very interesting. But for the newcomers who need an easy start (i.e. knowing where to start reading), I have prepared a short list of publications on MBT.   Books   As you may expect, the basics are […]

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Discussion about the ROI of MBT

Since 2008 I’m a member of the SIG TAV wholesale nba jerseys of the Gesellschaft für Informatik (German Computer Science Association). c?n The TAV stands for Testing, Analysis and Verification. Within the SIG there are several (small) working groups dealing tín with cheap mlb jerseys test management, test tools, test education, test of cheap nfl […]

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