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MBT at German Testing Day 2014

This years German Testing Day begins with a keynote highlight by Harry Robinson. In his talk “Use Model-based Test Techniques to Mistake-Proof Your Agile Process”, he will show “how recent work in model-based testing and high-volume automation allow teams to move faster and provide better quality deliverables throughout the entire development process.” “Harry Robinson is […]

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Jamaica is the workshop on Joining AcadeMiA and Industry Contributions to Test Automation and Model-based Testing, co-located at the ISSTA conference. It intends to foster the discussion on the current practices for automated and model-based testing among academia and industry. This year, it will be held in California on July 21st, 2014. The deadline for […]

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Product Line Testing in AK TOOP/MBT

Hi folks, the German working group for the testing of object-oriented programs / model-based testing (AK TOOP/MBT) had a meeting in November, during which we had two very interesting talks given by Danilo Beuche from pure-systems and Georgi Markov from Siemens (see the protocol in German for details). Both talks were about testing of product […]

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Parallelization to speed up MBT

In contrast to classical manual testing, MBT proposes generating test cases automatically from formal models. But the number of generated test cases can become huge, especially if the specification is large, the test case generation algorithm too simple (e.g. based mainly on randomization), or some coverage criterion needs to be achieved. Consequently, MBT needs to […]

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Articles about ROI of MBT

Dear all, Industry is adopting MBT … or is at least thinking about it. Thus, the return on investment (ROI) needs to be estimated, as described in a previous post. This post summarizes some of the articles about the benefits and costs of MBT that have been published recently. Interestingly, we found only little recent […]

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The International Conference on Software QA and Testing on Embedded Systems (QA&TEST) is a three day international conference in Bilbao, Spain, taking place every year in October. This year, the 12th edition will take place, on 29-30-31 October. The programme contains contributions from companies like Intel Corporation, Spotify, Phillips, Telefónica, Quality Perspectives, PrettyGoodTesting, among others, […]

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Flashback: History of the MBT Community

It all began with the enthusiasm of a small group of researchers in the field of software testing. They all had a passion for quality and background in software engineering. In several research articles they read about automatically generating tests from models. Amazed by this idea, all started to put their research efforts in model-based […]

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UCAAT, the User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing, is an annual conference of ETSI, European Telecommunications Standards Institute. After the MBT User Conference in Germany in 2011 and in Estonia in 2012, it will be in Paris this year. The program consists of tutorials and conferences that provide an ideal opportunity to obtain advice on […]

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Book review: Experiences of Test Automation

Published in 1999, the book “Software Test Automation: Effective Use of Test Execution Tools” by Dorothy Graham and Mark Fewster probably still is one of the must-reads for anyone interested in test automation. Last year, a follow up was published by the same authors: “Experiences of Test Automation: Case Studies of Software Test Automation”, reviewed […]

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Become a Certified Model-Based Tester!

Hi all, today, the first pilot training on the Certified Model-Based Tester (CMBT) was finished at iSQI in Potsdam, Germany. Fundamental knowledge about models, modeling taxonomies, test generation, process integration, and much more was covered. Though this was the very first prototype of the training, the quality of slides, presentations, and discussions was already very […]

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