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This contribution comes from the Systems Engineering community which deals with developing (and thus also testing) heterogeneous systems that consist e.g. of mechanical hardware, electronics, microwave transmitters and a bit of software. When talking of model-based testing we thus talk about the model-based testing of such a system. We would like to tell about a […]




Parallelization to speed up MBT

In contrast to classical manual testing, MBT proposes generating test cases automatically from formal models. But the number of generated test cases can become huge, especially if the specification is large, the test case generation algorithm too simple (e.g. based mainly on randomization), or some coverage criterion needs to be achieved. Consequently, MBT needs to […]

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The Behavior Driven Development approach provides a template for “specification” using certain keywords. Specification: Stack When a new stack is created Then it is empty When an element is added to the stack Then that element is at the top of the stack When a stack has N elements And element E is on […]

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Hi folks, this is the ultimate chance to join a team of enthusiastic testers! Help making this world a better place! Help create an open source test generator (under the Eclipse Public License). This isn’t as hard as it may sound! The tool is called PARtition TEst Generator (ParTeG) and handles UML state machines, UML […]

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Spec Explorer’s future

Spec Explorer 2010 is one of the most successful model-based testing tools. Unfortunately, there is only a Spec Explorer extension to Visual Studio (VS) 2010. Many questions of whether and when Spec Explorer will be available for VS 2012 have been asked in the original Spec Explorer forum. The answers varied, and the forum has […]

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TAV33 was the 33rd conference organized by the group “Test, Analysis and Verification (TAV)” of the German Gesellschaft für Informatik (like IEEE). It was held in Bad Honnef on the 3rd and 4th of May and was co-located with the group “Software-Reengineering” and “Programming languages and Computational Concepts”. So visitors were able to find many […]

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MISTA: Model-based Integration and System Test Automation (a.k.a. ISTA) Quick introduction: MISTA is a tool for generating executable test code from a model-implementation description (MID), which consists of a test model, model-implementation mapping (MIM), and helper code. (1) It uses lightweight high-level petri nets as an expressive, visual modeling notation. Both control and data […]

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Dear MBT Community, some weeks or even months ago we had a great idea: Let us organize a Community Tool Survey. We are confident that this could become a great event. But we need your help! We all know such events from other domains like constraint solving or model checking. Doing something similar in the […]

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In several commercial and academic projects we have struggled with the problem of the lack of a proper language to model reactive systems. Such models should be used to specify and test (in a model-based fashion) reactive systems. Currently, either no real language at all was used (like XML), or some old fashioned, hard to […]

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Almost 300 participants attended the first German Testing Day organized by SwissQ Consulting AG on 9th November 2011 in Frankfurt. The one-day program included keynotes from Microsoft and IBM, technical presentations and lightening talks. Below we report on some highlights of GTD and on MBT-related content. Alan Page from Microsoft held the first keynote of GTD. […]

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