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Open Source MBT

I’ve posted a list of all the open source MBT tools I can find Please have a look.  If you see any errors or omissions, please enter a blog comment. Thanks in advance …

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MISTA: Model-based Integration and System Test Automation (a.k.a. ISTA) Quick introduction: MISTA is a tool for generating executable test code from a model-implementation description (MID), which consists of a test model, model-implementation mapping (MIM), and helper code. (1) It uses lightweight high-level petri nets as an expressive, visual modeling notation. Both control and data […]

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Software Testing Survey

We would like to draw your attention to this Software Testing Survey The aim of this questionnaire is to compare human generated test data against machine generated test data. We therefore require humans to evaluate the correspoding outputs of a Java method for a set of test cases.  Deadline to fill it out is this […]

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At the 25th of march we held the 1st International Workshop on Requirements and Validation, Verification  & Testing in conjunction with the ICST2011 in Berlin. Major topics during the workshop were: checking requirements for consistency, completeness, and correctness. During the fruitfull discussions, we recognized that model-based testing can support this above mentioned challenges by representing […]

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