[paper submitted] Effort Comparison of Model-Based Testing Scenarios

Last week together with two s-lab researchers we have submitted a paper for the QuoMBaT 2010 workshop of the ICST conference. The main idea is to support test managers with a comparison method for model-based testing scenarios (like those described by Pretschner et al.). We use a GQM-like approach and compare six scenarios according to eight aspects. It is a first step towards the analysis of process quality for MBT. The next step would be to interpret the process quality metrics and conclude product quality metrics. Here’s the abstract:

In the literature of model-based testing (MBT), different scenarios of MBT are introduced. These scenarios mainly differ in the origin and content of test models. This difference also has an impact on the activities of MBT. For example, if developers model are directly used as test models, the efforts for test model creation are low, however the evaluation of test results will need more efforts. We investigated the differences of MBT scenarios from a test manager‟s point of view trying to answer the following questions: Which efforts must be calculated when applying the different MBT scenarios? Can we systematically analyze and compare the different scenarios in the literature? For answering these questions we propose a GQM-based approach where we systematically define metrics for MBT scenarios. By studying the related literature we characterize existing MBT approaches and compare them from test manager‟s point of view.

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