[article accepted] Agiles Testen in Großprojekten mit TDD und Testaspekten: Beobachtungen und erste Erfahrungen

Together with Melanie Wohnert we have written a paper about the main problems of agile testing in large-scale projects for the ICST2010 conference. Our paper was declined, but we had some very constructive comments. After rethinking the paper we corrected the paper and submitted it for the 30. GI TAV workshop. Our paper was accepted and because Melanie is working for Capgemini sd&m (co-organisation of the workshop), the PC decided to present is as a keynote.

The paper deals with the typical problems of agile testing which we have collected during some interviews with project managers and architects. Based on the identified problems we propose to use the most known agile test method: Test-Driven Development (TDD). Besides TDD it is very important to have a good understanding of what has to be tested in lower test levels like unit testing. Therefore we combine TDD with a solution called Test Aspect Design which solves several problems identified during the interviews. We will hold the talk in Munich at 17. June.

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