[paper submitted] Transforming High-Level Test Cases into Low-Level Test Cases by Re-Using Design Decisions

I almost forgot! Beside the paper about automatic test model generation with test ideas, I submitted another paper to the MoDeVVa 09 workshop. This is a continuation of our ideas published in EuroMicro. Unfortunately this paper was rejected. Here’s the abstract:

In higher testing levels, software testers have to validate the correctness of executable code against high-level specifications. If testers do not have detailed information about the implementation, they cannot generate test cases and prepare test environment just by means of high-level specifications. We propose a novel idea for transforming test cases generated by a model-based testing approach from high-level test case specifications into implementation-level test cases: the knowledge of design decisions is re-used to derive a transformation from high-level specifications to executable code. After presenting that idea in detail, we discuss techniques and tools for its realization.

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