[paper submitted] Holistic Model-Based Testing Approach for Business Information Systems

As my idea of what research problems I want to deal within my dissertation is clear, I wanted to discuss it with several other researchers. That’s why I submitted a short paper for a PhD Symposium of the International Conference on Software Testing (ICST) 2010 in Paris. Here is the abstract of the submitted paper:

Growing complexity of today’s software development requires new and better techniques in software testing. A promising one seems to be model-based testing. The goal is to automatically generate test artefacts from models, improve test coverage and guarantee traceability. Typical problems are test case explosion and missing reuse of design models. Our research work aims to find a solution for the mentioned problems in the area of UML and Business Information Systems. We use model transformations to automatically generate test models from manually annotated design models using a holistic view. In this paper we define and justify the research problem and present first results.

This paper was accepted! In April I will present my phd work in Paris 🙂 The feedback given by the reviewer wasn’t constructive enough.

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