[paper submitted] A collaborative Test Design Approach for Component Tests in large-scale Projects using TDD concepts and Test Aspects

With my collegues at Capgemini sd&m Research we have written and submitted a paper for the ICST 2010 Industrial Track. It deals with problems of agile testing (especially Test-Driven Development) in the context of large-scale projects. It summarizes our experiences on this field and gives a solution approach how to handle some typical problems with a test design method we have invented. Here’s the abstract:

Although testing nowadays increasingly gains in importance, component testing is mostly not approached systematically. Particularly in large-scale projects, the test manager often only cares about higher test levels, while component tests just “happen” during development. On the other hand, in agile software development techniques like Test-Driven Development (TDD) gain attention and promise to improve quality.  However, TDD does not seem to fit for large-scale projects. At Capgemini sd&m we gathered typical testing problems as well as experiences with TDD. Based on this, we introduced a solution which combines lightweight test design by means of test aspects with TDD. In this paper we discuss the identified issues, present our experience on this field and introduce an approach for effectively controlling component tests.

Unfortunately this paper was not accepted. We got very constructive feedback. In the next weeks we will review and work those comments in our paper. Probably the next submission will be a workshop.

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