[talk] Advances in Testing: Academia meets Industry (ATAMI'10)

At the end of 2009 I was invited by Stephan Weißleder to give a talk about my research topic at the ATAMI’10 workshop in Berlin.  This was a good ocassion for me to discuss with several researchers and industry experts about my research problems and solution. It showed to be a very good discussion. There were some interesting questions like:

  • Is there a strategy for test case selection from behavioral system models?
  • Why can no JUnit test cases be generated from my test model?
  • Why do I use Groovy for the implementation of the model transformation rules?
  • How big is the effort to achieve all traces / links between the systems models on the showed detail level?
  • How do I measure the coverage of the system model by the test model in my approach?

This questions are very important for the completness of my work. I will consider those while preparing my talk for the ICST PhD Symposium talk.

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