1st step: Start a company

How to reach the beloved 4 hour work week? Of course work more (1) with higher risk (2) in order to earn more money (3). This is what the most people out there think about starting an own company. But it’s not! 

AD (1)
How much you work does not matter at all because you work when and where you want to. It sounds very romantic and hilarious for the most of you. But it’s really the case. The whole day belongs to you and as a CEO you realize that you can spend the day the way you want to. What counts are the results and not the time spend on it. It’s up to you how to reduce time and achieve more results.

AD (2)
Every founder has a huge risk while starting a company. You have to invest money in something which not necessary is 100% safe. While employing people you have to take care about them. Not to mention other things like taxes, cars, insurance, etc. etc. But imagine a life spent with a 9to5 job and reaching the typical „unit manager“ or similar position in a huge company. In this case you also take a high risk: The risk not to realize your own ideas and leaving a fingerprint in life. As always: No risk no fun.

AD (3)
The whole thing about startups is about money. In the real life it’s quite the opposite. You don’t earn much or sometimes nothing. Of course there are different kinds of companies. The way we started was planned with „profitable from the first second“. It means that we arranged all things in a way that every cost in the company is covered by earnings from the consulting business. To the haters out there: I’m rich! But not in terms of money, but in terms of satisfaction and great feeling with great people around me.

Now, how does this relate to the 4 hour week? Selecting the way to start my own company lead me to be able to select my daily plan (also reduce my working hours), earn enough to invest in time and new ideas and finally be satisfied with the work I do. I’ve not really reached the 4 hours pro week but I’m on my way into it 🙂

Stay tuned!

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