I’m a person who lives according to the motto „life is short. do stuff that matters“. At the same time I love to inspire other people and myself for cool stuff. In the filed of computer science and from the business perspective „the IT“ there are plenty of cool topics to learn.

The last years I’ve managed to learn a lot about various topics like software engineering, model-based world, QA/testing, business development, entrepreneurship, agile management, social media, marketing, consulting in general, research – to name some of them. Each year I realise that for 1 topic I can say I’ve learned it approx 2-3 new topics arise. There are also ones which stay undone. My recent example is the polish-german business club or the standardisation work around the ISTQB Certified Model-Based Tester. Both topics I’ve already canceled.

The point is that I’ve to learn on a meta-level: What is „the stuff that matters“. Also how to do more with the help of delegation (see 7 delegation levels from management 3.0). In too many topics I’m still the one in lead. This was also a part of the feedback within the QualityMinds. Let’s face it: Learn to delegate and gain more time for the cool new things!