Great life is made by great people!

Taking some free time motivates me to rethink my current situation in life. The last 3-5 years were very very great. I’ve changed so many things that I feel odd that nothing really changed in the last three months. Besides my private life being very happy with my wife and having the best child on earth, I’ve rethinked my way of thinking about my business career. I changed my status quo from a consultant and researcher to a C-level leader. At the end of 2012 we started QualityMinds and it was the best decision I could ever made. But the key to success was not really our knowledge or good business model. No, our basis are the people we met in our lives and especially those who we are proud to work with.

This brings me to a general thought about life. What is great life anyway? IMO it cannot be measured by the typical success factors but by the moments you could enjoy and especially great people you met. Whatever you do (in business or private) depends on people you know and respect. The cool thing about learning new people is that you simply have to be nice and interested in what others do. You don’t have to pay in order to met great people. You simply have to care what and why they do it. Being proactive and trying to reach interesting people is mostly enough. Of course you have to be honest in what you do. I’ve read in the book „Never eat alone“ that networking is about giving / contributing and not taking as much as you can from a network. I fully agree. The first thing I do while learning new people is to ask myself (or the other person directly): What can I do for you?

In my life I had the great opportunity to learn several great people from the field of research, business, coaching, sports, politics, education and religion. I don’t have to write them all down here. I simply want to thank you all for sharing your life with me and supporting me in my lifestyle design. It’s always a pleasure to met and discuss with you!

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