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Interested in the ICST?

In April next year, the biggest academic test conference ICST is going to take place in Montreal. We recommend you to participate in this great conference providing a lot of interesting workshops. The conference itself adresses software testing and validation techniques in general. Additionally, there are also several workshops that are of interest for the […]

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Feature models are frequently used to present  the commonalities and variabilities within variant rich systems such as Software Product Lines (SPLs). Feature Models are initially created during the requirements analysis where each feature ‘represents a system property that is relevant to some stakeholder’ [1]. Utilizing a hierarchical structure, different notations and cross tree dependencies feature […]



Model-based Testing for Software Product Lines

Software Product Line Engineering provides one of the most promising approaches to improve reusability of software, which is used in a large number of similar software products. Due to the variability within a Software Product Line, testing Software Product Lines is very challenging in comparison to single system testing. Several model-based testing approaches for Software […]


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