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… is the title of the recently published book by Justyna Zander, Ina Schiederdecker, and Pieter J. Mosterman. This book provides an overview of the state-of-the-art in model-based testing for embedded systems. Consisting of 22 contributions divided into 6 parts the book covers the following MBT domains: key concepts for MBT test generation, e.g., automatic […]


Dear MBT Community, some weeks or even months ago we had a great idea: Let us organize a Community Tool Survey. We are confident that this could become a great event. But we need your help! We all know such events from other domains like constraint solving or model checking. Doing something similar in the […]

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I have a sense that the just completed MBT User Conference in Berlin will be a historic milestone.  Please take a few minutes to respond to this survey so we’ll have a datapoint to go with it. Thanks in advance, Bob Binder




Literature starter kit for MBT!

For those who already read tons of books, papers and articles on MBT this post may not be very interesting. But for the newcomers who need an easy start (i.e. knowing where to start reading), I have prepared a short list of publications on MBT.   Books   As you may expect, the basics are […]

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